How the US Election result in tungsten market?

How the US Election result in tungsten market?

In the two weeks, the market has focused on the US #Election. Will the election result have an impact on the tungsten market? It is more or less possible. For example, the policy preferences of the elected persons affect the international economic situation and Sino-US trade relations, thereby indirectly affecting the external consumption of Chinese tungsten materials and downstream products….

But in fact, all this still Full of uncertainty, after all, the election results do not mean that the current world situation can be clarified. It’s know that in the process of globalization, the world trade environment is always changing.

The overall domestic tungsten price is weak recently. Macro uncertainty and demand pressure have caused the loss of market confidence. The positive sentiment of raw tungsten has not been smoothly conveyed to the downstream. Instead, the back-end bargaining and deal led to the upside-down of intermediate smelters. At present, the tungsten powder market is relatively passive, and short-term players wait and see a new round of institutions and large companies to guide prices clearly.

Of course, it is always good to be risk-conscious and plan ahead. However, for the domestic tungsten industry, the most important thing at present is not only to worry about environmental changes, but to actively respond to the complex and volatile international situation by improving the quality of its own products. After all, China’s tungsten resource reserves have an absolute advantage in the world, all the related company need to take the road of high-quality development for greater competitiveness. KELU, as the one of them, has all been committed more developments and better production of tungsten products, we offer various density of tungsten products for multiple applications, #tungsten fishing weights, #tungsten golf weights, #tungsten screws, #tungsten darts and so on.

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Post time: Nov-09-2020