How to adjust golf clubs easily with counterweight lead sheet

How to adjust golf clubs easily with counterweight lead sheet

Remember that weighting tabs can affect the weight and balance of your club, so it's best to seek advice and guidance from a professional golf club manufacturer, trainer or specialist before applying weight tabs. They can help you determine the best adjustments to improve your golf club performance.

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1. Determine the Target of the Adjustment: First, you need to determine which part of the golf club you want to adjust. Typically, you can choose to make adjustments at the head, sole or butt of the club.

2. Prepare lead counterweights: Purchase suitable lead counterweights and cut them into blocks or sheets of appropriate size as required. You can choose weight lead sheets of different weights to meet your needs.

3. Clean the surface of the club: Before attaching the lead weight sheet, make sure the surface of the club is clean and dust-free. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the club to keep it clean.

4. Determine the pasting position: According to the adjustment target, determine the pasting position of the weight lead sheet. Typically, above or below the club head, the sole of the club, or the top of the butt are common locations.

5. Use glue to fix the lead weight: apply an appropriate amount of glue evenly to the bottom of the lead weight, and stick it to the target position of the club. Make sure the lead weight is tightly secured to the club.

6. Evenly distribute the weighting tabs: If you need to apply multiple weighting tabs, make sure they are evenly distributed on the club to maintain balance.

7. Testing and fine-tuning: After attaching the lead weight sheet, pick up the club and test it. Observe the feel and balance of the club in your swing. As needed, make minor adjustments, moving or adding weighted leads until you achieve the desired result.


Adjusting the balance and weight distribution of golf clubs can be achieved by attaching weight lead sheets. Here are some simple steps to help you easily apply weights to adjust golf clubs:

Post time: Jun-17-2023