The importance of temperature control in MIM

The importance of temperature control in MIM

As we know, temperature control is the necessary key for all thermal processing, differnet materials requires different treatment, and even the same materials with the different density, also need modification on the temperature adjustment. Temperature is not only the important key for thermal processes, it’s especially significant for MIM industry since it directly affects the final performance of products whether match the requirement or not. So how to make sure the temperature could be controlled well during production, that’s the question, KELU consider to discuss it from two aspects.

First of all, it’s the uniformity inside the furnace while sintering, it is critically important for metal injection molding (MIM). Product quality in this process, depends on the parts being processed seeing the same temperature irrespective of their position in the furnace. As furnaces get larger, it becomes more difficult to know and define the sweet spot within a furnace because when a thermocouple reads a certain temperature, it does not mean that the whole furnace is at that temperature. This is especially true for a large batch furnace heating up with a full load when there is a large temperature gradient between the outside of the load and the center of the load.

The binders in the MIM component are removed by holding at particular temperatures for a certain time. If the correct temperature is not achieved in the entire load, the profile could move on to the next segment, which is usually a ramp. Binders would be evolving out of the part during this ramp. Depending on the amount of binder remaining in the part and the temperature during the ramp, the sudden evaporation of the binder can cause unacceptable cracks or blisters. In some cases, soot formation occurs, which would cause the composition of the material to change.

Moreover we can control the temperature with Nozzle and Barrel from the injection molding process. Nozzle temperature is usually slightly lower than the maximum temperature of the barrel, which is to prevent the salivation phenomenon that may occur in the through nozzle. The temperature of the nozzle should not be too low, otherwise the nozzle will be blocked because of the melt early solidification. It will also influence the product performance. Barrel temperature. The temperature of barrel, nozzle and mould should be controlled during injection molding. The first two temperatures mainly affect the metal plasticization and activity, and the last one mainly affects metal activity and cooling. Each metal has different active temperatures. Even the same metal has different active and synthetic temperatures due to different origin or brand. That is because of different average molecular weight distribution. The metal plasticizing process in different injection machines is also different, so that the barrel temperature is different.

It doesn’t matter what kind of negligence in which tiny process, the failure is unavoidable. Luckily KELU engineer team has outstanding experience and technique more than a decade, make our customers have no any worry about the quality of products. Welcome to discuss with our team if any questions or any custom design, our team will help to realize your dream.


Post time: Nov-27-2020