Tungsten shielding X ray-the tungsten application you don’t know

Tungsten shielding X ray-the tungsten application you don’t know

Tungsten-based high specific alloy is an alloy composed of tungsten as the matrix and a small amount of nickel, iron, copper and other alloying elements. It does not only have high density (~18.5g/cm3) ,but also the adjustable and strong ability to absorb high energy rays (than the radiation absorption of lead High coefficient of 1/3), and low coefficient of thermal expansion (4~6*10-6/℃), good plasticity, high strength and elastic modulus, machinable and weldable.

In modern industrial production, medical inspections and customs security checks, a large number of radiation detectors are used, in order to prevent the omission of radiation from causing permanent damage to the human body, a component that shields radiation is required to ensure that the radiation comes out of the established route to achieve the detection effect , And can shield and absorb excess rays.

So except the common application we mentioned before, Tungsten is also used for shield protection, because tungsten-based high-density alloys have the above-mentioned excellent qualities, that’s why they can be widely used in the manufacture of radiation shielding parts.

KELU provides service to produce the customized Tungsten Ray Shields with various specifications, multiple shapes, and different exposure doses (4Mev~12Mev).

Post time: Sep-18-2020