What is the application of MIM? And Tungsten products?

What is the application of MIM? And Tungsten products?

Based on the advantages of Metal Injection Molding, the products from MIM are more suitable for the industries which require parts with complex structure, fine design, balance weight, and productivity.

Take the tungsten products made by MIM for example, Tungsten has significant advantages such as high hardness, wear resistance, high density, high temperature strength, stable chemical properties and corrosion resistance. So more and more industrial began to choose Tungsten as material to improve the products’ performance or reduce pollution.

In the terms of density, Tungsten Alloy could achieve 18.5 g/cm³, make it to be the most suitable option for weight balance as the Counter Balance for Vibration Dampening, Aircraft Control Surfaces, Auto and Auto Racing, Helicopter Roter System, Ship Ballasts, Engine Components, Golf Weight, Fishing Sinker and so on.

In addition to this, Tungsten has the ultra high Ray shielding ability, so Tungsten is usually taken as material of High Energy Radiation Shielding, such as the fuel container for Nuclear, the shield plates for Industrial, the shielding X ray sheet for Medical.

And also because of Tungsten’s high hardness and high melting point 3400℃, it also be widely used as Bucking Bars, Boring Bars, Down Hole Logging Sinker Bars, Ball Valve and Bearings. Because of its low toxicity comparing with Lead, Tungsten is also be used as bullets and components for some fire arms instead of Lead.

Regarding to the Stainless Steel products made by MIM, it’s commonly used as decorative parts, sush as stainless steel buckle, jewelry clasp or other jewelry components.


Post time: May-20-2020